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To hear a message just click the speaker icon ( Example of the speaker icon) within the MP3 colum. To read the verse click on the book and verse within the Message Title.

To view older messages or messages from a specific book select the option below and then click the "Display" button.

Recent Messages
Message Title Message Date MP3
Who Do You Want to Be? (Matthew 27:27-66) December 18, 2011 Listen to "Who Do You Want to Be?"
Avoiding Pilate Error (Matthew 27:1-26) December 11, 2011 Listen to "Avoiding Pilate Error"
Training to Trust (Matthew 26:57-75) December 4, 2011 Listen to "Training to Trust"
You Really Are Really Loved (Matthew 26:1-56) November 11, 2011 Listen to "You Really Are Really Loved"
Living in Light of His Return (Matthew 25) November 6, 2011 Listen to "Living in Light of His Return"
Sincere Passion, Not Just Fashion (Matthew 23) October 23, 2011 Listen to "Sincere Passion, Not Just Fashion"
Eternal Values for Eternal Living (Matthew 22) October 16, 2011 Listen to "Eternal Values for Eternal Living"
Living in Christ (Matthew 21) October 2, 2011 Listen to "Living in Christ"
Living in the Kingdom (Matthew 18) September 11, 2011 Listen to "Living in the Kingdom"
Living for the Kingdom of God (Matthew 17:14-27) September 4, 2011 Listen to "Living for the Kingdom of God"
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